Kristina Bakrevski is a Los Angeles-based photographer with a passion for storytelling, travel, music and culture. Though her love affair with documenting life's extraordinary moments has spanned well over a decade, she has spent the last three years working as a professional freelance photographer. Kristina provides a warm, collaborative working experience and values genuine connection with her clients. She credits her background in theatre, TV/film industry and fashion as fundamental influences to her visual identity. Whether she is shooting for artists, brands, event organizers, live concerts or international destinations, her photography uncovers the humanity and heart of her subjects. 

Her work has been featured in notable online and print publications such as Billboard, Vice, Buzzfeed, Time, Huffpost, The Guardian, USA Today, Fest 300, KQED Arts, Nakid Magazine, Racked, Remezcla, SF Weekly, SF Station and more.